Kippot Gift Set "Please Take One"

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Material: Charcoal Linen with Charcoal Tassels 
Embroidery: Kippot in Grey and Please Take One in blue
Lining: Grey Cotton
Kippot Bag Size: 9”H x 10"W x 7”Diameter 

Material: Grey linen, White Satin Trim, 4 Panels
Lining: White Cotton 
Kippot Size: 19 cm

Kippot bags are an innovative way to store and display Kippot. The drawstring, flat-bottomed round bag can hold up to 20 kippot. Dimensions are measured when the bag is upright.

No personalization available.
This item is not returnable or exchangeable.
Care: Machine wash in cold water, gentle cycle. Tumble dry in low heat.

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